9 August 2013

Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville

Located in the state of Alabama, Marshall Space Flight Center is one of NASA’s 18 United States facilities. Functioning as a vital key player in NASA’s space exploration for more than a half-century, this center serves Huntsville as part of its cultural diversity, educational community and local commerce; before 1960, Huntsville was known solely for agriculture.

Marshall Center has been involved in the development and building of space exploration vehicles since the beginning, from the time of the first Americans in space and on the moon, until now, making regular (more…)

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17 June 2013

First Confederate Capitol Building in Montgomery

The first capital city of the Confederate States of America was Montgomery, in central Alabama. The building in which the Confederate government met now serves as Alabama’s state capitol. It was here that the Confederate Constitution was drafted in 1861. A six pointed star in the portico’s floor marks the exact spot where Jefferson Davis stood to be inaugurated as the Confederate president.

Over a century later, in March of 1965, it was at the marble staircase of the capitol building that the third Selma to Montgomery civil rights march (more…)

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12 April 2013

Dexter Avenue Baptist, Dr. King’s Pulpit

Located within sight of the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church was called the Second Colored Baptist Church when it was organized in 1877. The church’s first pastor was former slave Charles Octavius Boothe. The church received a new name when the street upon which it is located was renamed Dexter Avenue in honor of one of Montgomery’s founders. The iconic red brick church building was constructed mostly by members of the church between 1883 and 1889.

Throughout the years (more…)

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18 June 2012

City Hall and Southern Market in Mobile

One of Mobile Alabama’s most prominent historical landmarks is the old City Hall also known as the Southern Market. The building was built from 1855 to 1857 to serve the dual purposes of a marketplace and City Hall. The following is a history of this fascinating building.

The building was initially designed by architect Thomas Simmons from Virginia in 1854. The main purpose of the building was a marketplace to sell vegetables, fish and meat. Those planned were changed in 1855 when the existing City Hall burned.Check out (more…)

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29 April 2011

Tuskegee University: National Landmark and Educational Treasure

Tuskegee University is located in Tuskegee Alabama and is a school with a great academic history. It is also a school that has played a role in United States history, leading it to become a National Historic Landmark. It was established in 1881 and still plays a role as a fantastic educational university with around 3,000 students attending classes their today.

This is a place that people should take the time to see in person and learn about before visiting. Tuskegee University is a National Landmark and educational treasure (more…)

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14 April 2011

Barons Baseball

The Birmingham Barons are one of the most historic baseball teams in the south and a significant part of Alabama’s history. You can trace the history of the team all of the way back to 1885 when they played throughout the South. Today they are a minor league team associated with the Chicago White Sox. The team plays at the newly renovated Region Parks, which underwent extensive renovations in 2008. Once a year, however, the team goes back to its historic roots and plays at Rickwood Field in the Rickwood Classic. Rickwood Field (more…)

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2 April 2011

Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery

The Rosa Parks Museum was created to remember Rosa Parks and what she stood for. She was a great women who was an activist for civil rights during the Civil Rights Movement. Because she was black, she was told she had to give up her seat to a white person on a Montgomery, Alabama city bus. Rosa Parks refused and history was written.

Rosa Park’s interactive museum is truly an inspiring place. The museums exhibits are very entertaining and informing. You will be (more…)

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7 January 2011

Escape to the Choctaw Wildlife Refuge

Alabama the Beautiful. Not just the slogan that warmly welcomes visitors to the state, beautiful truly describes the heart of Dixie, blessed not only with down home southern attitude but a God’s gracious smile across the scenic countryside and deep into its waters. Even with highfalutin plasma screen and high definition Direct tv Alabama can’t be done adequate justice except through the human eye. To truly appreciate Alabama’s natural beauty, you quite simply have to see it person. From the peak of Mount Cheaha, all the way down to the Gulf coast lowlands, the majority of Alabama has maintained a quaintly rural landscape, accented with quintessentially rustic cities, firmly rooted in the distinct styling of a simpler time.Perhaps nowhere in the state’s border are God’s gifts to Alabama showcased in more pristine condition than the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge, located approximately 10 miles northwest of Coffeeville and 80 miles north of Mobile, in the southwestern region of the state. The Refuge has been shielded from human access in most capacity over the years, with much of the marsh and wetland area accessible only by boat, offering an undisturbed peak into nearly pure natural preservation.The refuge is fortunate to serve as the landing place for over 10,000 waterfowl, who call the Refuge home for the winter, among several other breeds of bird, highlighted by a pair of bald eagles in the colder months, and wood storks each summer.Of course fowl are far from alone in calling the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge their own, joined by alligators, deer, beavers, among several other species of native Alabaman animals. (more…)

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4 December 2010

Christmas on the Coast

Alabama is home to some of the most beautiful land in Dixie, but despite its proud southern heritage, the state’s non-Northern location places it at a strategic disadvantage come Christmas time. When boys and girls go to bed at night in Alabama, their dreams of a white Christmas will almost certainly go unfulfilled.So went the inspiration behind the Alabama Gulf Coast’s new holiday tourism marketing campaign. Though you may not be able to look out your window and see white snow covering the ground, the Foley, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area do have plenty of white sand on which to frolic. The official name of the campaign is “Coast this Holiday,” urging residents to get out of the house, take a vacation and take easy, literally coasting through the holiday season.Historically speaking, the November and December months are a lull for Alabama coastal tourism. As you might expect, the summer months see the heaviest traffic, though winter beach-going is not all too uncommon. The gulf does get its share of visitors during the colder months, though generally the business does pick up until the new year. (more…)

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1 October 2010

High Class Alabama Glass

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie Sweet Home Alabama. For those out there who haven’t, Melanie Smooter (Reece Witherspoon) finds herself in a local Alabama glass shop with her new “Yankee” boyfriend Andrew Hennings, only to discover the magical world of ornate trinkets and luxurious glass sculptures are owned and crafted by her hometown sweetheart, Jake Perry. Remove all the drama and what you have is an Alabama tradition, as boldly historic and beautiful as the great state herself. That’s right, glass blowing is alive and well in Alabama, a must-see attraction and souvenir shop for any visitor and a must-have staple of household dcor for any resident.Of course, as Hollywood tends to do, the movie overblows the glass blowing, telling tales of how the lighting strikes to cause glass formations, real life glass sculptures are commonly constructed through forces of man not nature. Yes, lighting does cause the formation of “fulgarite,” but it is less elegant than depicted on-screen. Present day Alabama is the proud home of more traditional forms of glass art. (more…)

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