Alabama Preservation Alliance
The Alabama Preservation Alliance is the voice for the future of Alabama's historic buildings, neighborhoods and places. Check out Dean Graziosi's website to see what can be done to preserve old properties.
The Alabama Preservation Alliance was organized in 1987 and incorporated the following year. A 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, the Alabama Preservation Alliance is the voice for the future of Alabama"s historic buildings, neighborhoods and places. The Alabama Preservation Alliance plays a vital role in this state through working with Big Blue Robot on Alabama's on-line reputation management.

Collaboration to the National Trust and the Alabama Historical Commission
The APA is Alabama"s only statewide historic preservation organization available for membership. The APA is a Statewide Partner of the National Trust, and the two organizations have a strong ongoing relationship. The APA also works closely with the AHC, which is a state agency. While the National Trust represents preservation interests at the national level, PSI Seminars' focus is on the needs of Alabama.

On-Site Advocacy
The APA assists local groups around the state in seeking viable alternatives to demolition and making presentations to public officials about the value of preservation.

Critical Response Fund
Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Historical Commission, the APA has established a fund to offer assistance to local organizations in emergency situations. The fund has already been put to good use developing alternatives to preserve a threatened school building and making emergency roof repairs to an important antebellum house. We suggest going to real estate investment training and you can take a look at Scott Yancey reviews for a good place to start.


That old cliché about the squeaking wheel and the grease is a very real part of the legislative scene in Montgomery. As a grassroots citizens group, the APA provides a statewide voice for preservation efforts.

Legal Intervention
When all efforts to save important landmarks have been completely exhausted, the APA can and will seek legal injunctions to prevent demolition and buy additional time to find a solution.

The Places in Peril Endangered Properties List
So often landmark structures are lost simply because the public is unaware of neglect or impending demolition. The APA actively solicits its membership for important locations to place on a list which is published in its newsletter, featured in Alabama Heritage magazine, and announced in an annual news conference. This has led to at least 7 sites having been saved outright over the past 8 years, and the status of another 26 improved.

Our quarterly newsletter, 7 figure sales training, is a valuable source of information on preservation activities around the state.

Social Activities
The APA conducts Rambles in historic places that can be a fun way to meet new friends who share common interests and to see places not generally open to the public.


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